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Mon 27 April 2020


19:30 - 23:00

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DHP Family Presents:


Live at Oslo, Hackney

Melbourne’s Good Morning return with their second album this year, Basketball Breakups.
Following The Option from April and last year’s Prize // Reward, Basketball Breakups distils
Good Morning into just over twenty minutes of scrappy, melodic, melancholy guitar music.

Recorded over 4 days in Matsumoto, Japan, at the end of a tour, Basketball Breakups was
essentially made on holiday, in the middle of a humid summer, in a studio next to a 7-11.
Guitars, bass, drums, keys and piano form understated rock arrangements, ever-effortless in
Good Morning’s light, laconic way. The band’s founding members Liam Parsons and Stefan
Blair, along with bandmates James McLeod and John Considine, sound truly at ease on
these songs, which are almost all made up of early takes. Named after the blissful “breakup
dinner” at the end of a junior sports season, when the team are treated to whatever they like
from the menu at the local Italian restaurant, that spirit of communal joy and lowkey
over-indulgence is alive on this album. While The Option was tightly rehearsed and made with
the vision of true Rock Record in mind, Basketball Breakups was recorded while it was
arranged, on digital and tape, never laboured over.

There’s a sense of on-the-fly intimacy on this album, not just because the single mic that’s
picking up the drum kit probably picked up the bass and guitar amps too: Parsons and Blair
share lead vocal and lyric duty, and these songs are privy to anxiety and anticipation, the good
and the bad kinds of extended reflection, and what the band term Good Morning’s first
“requited” love songs. Lead single “Garden” is interested in the fallacy that if we wait, what we
want will come: the danger of being kept complacent, implying that things will change if we give
them time; “Classic Quip” is a rebuke, seeing the kind of language that gets bandied around in
mens’ locker rooms and at the pub resonate through public discourse, and attempting to reckon
with it; “Best Supporting Actor” is a love song of space and support; “But We’re Not There
Yet” was an attempt at the same, that gave way to the kind of stress that a real romance

Ultimately, Basketball Breakups shows Good Morning at their most candid, their most
understated, and with wind chimes featured on every track. Not to be underestimated, Good
Morning are making guitar music that deals in the poetics of everyday life with levity, grace and

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