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Mon 18 November 2019


19:30 - 23:00

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Live Nation Presents:


Live at Oslo, Hackney

Geowulf dig deeper in their reflective sophomore record, My Resignation, with their latest song Lonely. This track, in true coming-of-age style, is about accepting who you are & going with it. You could call it a sweet spot of growing-up.

Looking ahead to their next album, the band have lots to say. Listeners of first album Great Big Blue will hear an overall holistic growth in their follow-up LP. Loneliness is discussed at great length through-out with brutal honesty; both learning to accept it but also in learning to love that space it provides. This is tackled alongside being a 20-something learning the measurements of expectations to put upon yourself & others. Pepper in life’s heartbreaks/break-ups and it’s a beautiful mess.

Tickets go on sale on Friday September 6th via AltTickets

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